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The price for this tour seemed very high, however, this was the highlight of our trip for my kids and my husband and I too. Very fun to see all of the different locations. You could not do this on your own. Our driver was very pleasant and thoroughly enjoyed his job which made it very pleasurable. Highly recommended.
Mark L, United States of America, January 2010
My wife and I had a great time on this tour. The guide was very informative and knowledgable and what a way to see London at night. Thanks for a wonderful time Richard
Ronald M, Australia, December 2009
Fantastic way of seeing London - great seeing all the Harry Potter spots. A friendly and very informative guide who made us feel incredibly special. Enjoyed by my 10 yr old son who still talks about the experience. Would very much recommend to others
OWEN E, United Kingdom, November 2009
Our driver knew a lot of cool facts and he also showed us parts of London that we would not have checked out. My kids were very happy and impressed with the tour
Ninnie C, Sweden, November 2009
I would most highly recommend this tour to anyone, the guide was brilliant and informative, we really enjoyed our whole day. thanks
HENRY K, Australia, October 2009
I thought that this was a fantastic tour and I would highly recommend it to anyone. My guide was exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable about both London and Harry Potter. He incorporated screens from the movie with locations giving me the full effect. Just wonderful all around!!
Angela S, United States of America, October 2009
Our guide was exceptionally knowledgeable about Harry Potter, and was just as nice a person as you would want to meet! He also had a wealth of knowledge about London, which made the trip even more enjoyable.
Michaela M, United States of America, August 2009
This was the highlight of my trip to London. The amount of information provided by the guide was super fantastic.  I am a tremendous Harry Potter fan and this tour made the movie touchable.
Reviewed by: Sheila B B, United States of America, July 2009
We were promptly met by our guide and shown many sights including the promised Harry Potter locations. Our kids enjoyed it, particularly platform 9 3/4.
Melissa T, United States of America, June 2009
My daughter and I had a fabulous time on this tour! Our guide was outstanding. He knew his Harry Potter trivia and was just a pleasure to travel with. He showed us so much of London and gave us great suggestions of other things to do during our stay.  I would definitely recommend this tour to Harry Potter fans young and old!
Stacey M, United States of America, June 2009
I'm not a Potter fan, but my wife and daughter are, and I found it almost as entertaing as they did. The driver was very knowlegable about Potter and London, and kept us entertained and informed for hours. This is well worth the cost, as it's actually two tours in one. I highly recommend this to any London Visitor!
Robert B, United States of America, June 2009
We loved the Harry Potter Tour. The tour guide was very informative. It was well worth the money to see the different sites along the tour route. The tour guide also offered interesting and informative facts about London that we were able to use in our travels.
Anonymous, United States of America, April 2009
Have to confess to being a Harry Potter fan, absolutely love the books and the films. Our tour leader was a Blue Badge Guide, the highest level, and he took us to so many interesting places. The imagination used to convert different sites to movie scenes is great. Did you know that Gringots Bank is Australia House? This was a fast-paced, fun and enlightening tour, and even though we had no children with us, we thoroughly enjoyed it.
Carmol M, Australia, October 2008
This tour was fantastic. Our tour escort was very nice and knowledgeable. It was great to see the areas in London, England where Harry Potter was filmed. We have come home and had a Harry Potter marathon with my daughter's friends to BRAG that we saw or was able to stand on certain spots in the films. It was incredible.
Leann N, Canada, September 2008
We had a great time on our Harry Potter tour. The tour guide was truly friendly, incredibly knowledgeable about all things London. He was a pleasure to spend the morning with. The kids were so excited to see the many spots throughout London that was used in the filming of the movies. The cab was waiting for us even before the arranged time, it was completely clean, comfortable and a wonderful morning was had by our family.
Donald H, United States of America, September 2008
Took this tour with my two kids, ages 20 and 18, both major fans. Tour was great. Guide was super knowledgeable of the movies and books, and of London, and English history. Highly recommend.
Kathleen A, United States of America, August 2008
Exceeded every expectation I had and therefore received full value and more. Watching the delight and utter joy in the eyes of my child was priceless. Not only was our guide knowledgeable, but personable and excited about the tour as well. I would highly recommend the tour. A highlight of our London vacation.
Stuart L, Canada, July 2008
Tour was great. Our driver knew absolutely everything there was to know about Harry Potter. Probably more than J.K. Rowling herself. Everyone we told about the tour was interested in it. I do think it is a shame that some of the things couldn't have stayed more like in the movie.
Waunzelle P, United States of America, July 2008
Our tour guide was excellent. He had props for us to wear and play with. He took his time in showing us all the Harry Potter sites and a lot of extras sites on the route throughout London. Well worth the cost. Do a taxi tour your first day so you get a feel for the city and what's out there. We waited until our last day, and found a few more sites we could have visited!
Theresa N, United States of America, July 2008
Our tour guide was wonderful. He was so interesting. He hit all of the hot Harry Potter spots and talked to my son and really got him into the trip. He also showed us and told us of other London sights as we passed them. We learned so much about Harry Potter and London from this trip. We would definitely do it again.
Terry L, United States of America, June 2008
Potter fans, take this tour! The black taxi was wonderful, the driver knew his stuff, and we had such a wonderful experience in London. We really felt like VIPs getting a firsthand look at London's Potter sites.
Cynthia B, United States of America, June 2008
This tour was one of the highlights of our week in London. Our guide possessed that magic combination of high quality knowledge on London history and the ability to make it fun to hear. All important with pre-teen boys!
Kathy T, United States of America, February 2008
A must for Harry Potter fans! My girls, 16, 17 & 20, had a memorable experience and fun pictures! Our driver was really kind and engaged the kids, testing their knowledge in a playful way.  With a full itinerary, you also get a bonus tour of central London! Service was great with pick up at our hotel. As Canadians, our dollar does not go far, but all considered, the cost was well worth it.
Anne S, Canada, July 2009
Our guide was really knowledgeable about Harry Potter. He also told us a lot of history about London. We loved this cab ride; it was quite enjoyable.
Suzanne M, United States of America, July 2009
I bought this tour as a gift for USA guests. It had been recommended to them by another person in USA who had been on it. They could not fault it in any way and said it was a great experience.
Edward F, United States of America, February 2009
A drive by tour of Harry Potter sites. Perfect for the young fan of the books and movies.
Marianne G, United States of America, November 20

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